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I am Charles Brooks, Founder of “Total Armor of God Ministries”, There is no doubt about it, we will fight “Spiritual Battles” every day. The question is, “are you prepared to fight and win these battles or not prepared and lose, we have a choice in the matter. Every child of God is called to be “His Warriors” at all times. Take a look at the two pictures above and see if you can “see yourself as one of “His Warrior”! Some time we need to be reminded of this “special calling”. Take a look at the “Warrior’s Prayer” plaque. This great plaque serves as a reminder to be prepared to fight those “Spiritual Battles” every day for God’s Kingdom, your family and friends, and your country.

We, as a ministry, are using the “Warrior’s Prayer” plaque, as a means of ministry, asking you to pray and prepare for each day. The cost is just, $119.95 each plus shipping and handling. The proceeds go to support the ministry and it’s growth. We would appreciate your prayerful consideration to purchase one to help support the ministry. They will look great in your homes and offices and make great gifts for special occasions. Please go to the website above and discover what we are all about. As you do, give some thought to your “Spiritual Gifts”, what they are and how are you using them. Have you every considered being a “mentor” to someone? The world is full of people who need a mentor to help them understand “Spiritual matters”. Think about all the children who grew up in “single parent homes” or were raised by parents who were not Spiritual in the least; they need someone like you to show them the “WAY”,……………”will you”?

Please give every consideration to joining us as we minister to others.  All of God’s best and to His Glory, Praise, and Honor!!!

Charles Brooks, Founder of Total Armor of God Ministries


AOG Sword and Shield
Price: $24.99
Sale: $17.77
Glass Cross Sculpture series
Price: $119.95
Sale: $99.95
Magnificent Warrior Statue
Price: $119.95
Sale: $99.95