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I want to "Thank You" for taking the time to look over our website. I hope and pray, in some way, it has been a blessing and challenge to you.

As you know these are challenging times in which we live. The Total Armor of God Ministries is reaching out to men on several fronts, namely through; Mentoring, Brotherhood, finding and using your Spiritual Gifts, helping not only in understanding Spiritual Warfare but knowing how to fight and win those battles. In doing so we, as brothers, need to stand together and claim the "Victory" that is ours to claim.

We, as a men's ministry, have a big job ahead of us and we need your help to accomplish our objectives. In addition to participating and being available to each other, we need your fervent prayers for all concerned. We all know what great power prayer has because we are reaching out to our Lord and Savior, asking for His help and praising Him for what He has done. Hopefully, we have a long history of seeking and finding help and through those experiences we know beyond all shadow of doubt we can depend upon Him at all times. I personally sense His "Blessed Assurance" in going and growing forward and in the process bring Him glory, honor, and praise!

We also need your financial support and help. Some can give a little, some can give a lot. Through the total giving of your generous gifts I am confident God will use you as a means of financial support for this ministry to go forward until the day Jesus returns. Even after I've gone to be with Jesus, I pray this ministry will go forth to help and bless men and their families.

I graciously appreciate your prayers and whatever God lays on your hearts to give.

In Jesus Name,

Charles Brooks, Founder
Total Armor of God Ministries